Panoramas shot with GoPro Hero 5 Black and Panohero-H5B

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Panoramas by Dalibor Tesanovic

Dalibor is a professional panorama photographer based in Sweden. He uses Panohero-H5B for an increasing number of his assignments. Enjoy the beautiful virtual tours that he created on Google Business View and elsewhere with Panohero-H5B and GoPro Hero 5 Black (ordered from newest to oldest):

  • Carlstens Castle 1 – virtual tour (outdoor)
  • Carlstens Castle 2 – virtual tour (outdoor)
    “It’s a pleasure sharing with you how well your hardware is performing. It really is very impressive and still so much more than one expects, even in tight spaces!”
  • Begravningsbyrå Thomas Petersson – virtual tour (indoor)
    “Really getting the hang of the correct workflow now, 4 shots for HDR are ideal it seems, no more, no less. It is just astounding, the quality that can be achieved with that little camera!

    So small, yet so powerful. As soon as I heard Hero 5 would have RAW capability I knew it would be good, but this just exceeds all my expectations. No more heavy bags!”
  • Begravningsbyrå Axelssons – virtual tour (indoor)
    “6 x RAWs processed into TIFs and then merged into HDRs for stitching. Second time using it for HDR and the GoPro Hero 5 Black + Panohero-H5B combo is performing beautifully.

    The quality is the same as with 10 times more expensive equipment combos!
    Plus so lightweight, love it!”
  • Begravningsbyrå Bloms – virtual tour (indoor)
    “Thought you might like this, this is done completely with GoPro Hero5 Black + your fantastic Panohero-H5B (+ a simple, light tripod).
    No HDR, just RAW straight out of the Hero5 Black, slightly fixed in post, stitched and voila – your panohead has performed great!”

Panoramas by Steven McQuinn

These panoramas were published on Google Maps by our customer Steven McQuinn. He shot his images with Hero 5 Black and Panohero-H5B since February 2017. Steven lives in Sacramento, California and he stitches with Autopano Giga:

  • Environmental Protection Center of UC Davis at Lake Tahoe – virtual tour of 23 panoramas, mostly indoor, some outdoor
  • Gold rush – virtual tour of nine panoramas along funny gold rush sculptures in Sacramento
  • Rose garden – virtual tour with ten streetview photospheres of the beautifully blooming McKinley Rose Garden in Sacramento


Panoramas by Martin Herdieckerhoff

This panorama was published on Google Maps by Martin Herdieckerhoff.
The images were shot with Hero 5 Black and Panohero-H5B in Höhenkirchen in Bavaria.

Tips zum Betrachten der Panorama-Tour mit einer VR-Brille

So können Sie unsere Panorama-Tour durch das Tessin mit einer Virtual-Reality-Brille betrachten:

  • Benutzen Sie ein Smartphone mit Gyro-Sensoren. Gyro-Sensoren messen Bewegungen des Smartphones und steuern die Blickrichtung im Panorama entsprechend.
  • Rechts unten im Panorama befinden sich einige Symbole. Klicken Sie auf das Brillen-Symbol, um in den VR-Modus zu wechseln. Es erscheint ein neues Bild mit einem gößeren Brillen-Symbol.
  • Klicken Sie auf den Kasten unter dem großen Brillen-Symbol um die von Ihnen verwendete VR-Brille auszuwählen oder klicken Sie auf die Brille um die Tour zu starten. Nach dem Start wird das Bild auf dem Display zweimal nebeneinander angezeigt.
  • Setzen Sie das Smartphone in die VR-Brille ein und setzen Sie die VR-Brille auf.
  • Bringen Sie beim Betrachten des Panoramas den blinkenden Punkt mit dem schwarzen Kreuz zur Deckung, um in das nächste Panorama zu wechseln.

Alle Panoramen dieser Tour wurden mit einer GoPro Hero3+ Black als Kamera und dem Panohero als Panoramakopf aufgenommen.

Wir von Herdima wünschen Ihnen viel Freude beim Eintauchen in unsere kleine Panorama-Tour durch das Tessin!


Tips for Watching the Panorama-Tour with a VR-Headset

You can watch our panorama tour through the Ticino with a virtual-reality-headset:

  • Use a smartphone with gyro sensors. Gyro sensors measure the motion of a smartphone and control the direction of view within the panorama accordingly.
  • In the panorama there are some symbols at the lower right. Click the headset symbol to switch to the VR-mode. A new image with a larger headset symbol appears.
  • Click the box under the large headset symbol to select the used VR-headset or click the headset to start the tour. The panorama image gets duplicated on the display once the tour has been started.
  • Insert the smartpohone into the VR-headset and look into the headset
  • To switch to the next panorama, move the black cross into the blinking point while watching the panorama.

All panoramas of this tour were shot with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black as camera and with our Panohero as panorama head.

We from Herdima wish that you have much pleasure while diving into our little tour through the southernmost part of Switzerland, the beautiful Ticino.