Get 3 for 1!

Get 3 for 1 – what you get

Get 3 units at the price of 1 as long as stocks last!
We are moving towards offering models of the Panohero-Mini-Maxi family via 3d printing market places.
This is your chance to buy earlier Panohero models from stock and to get a gratuitous extra PanoBaby or Rondo!

These models are still available:

These models are sold out and not available anymore:

  • Panohero-Std-HPanobaby-H
  • Panohero-Classic-Y, Panohero-Std-Y,

Available Panohero models can be ordered using these order forms:

Get 3 for 1 – how it works

The models listed above are only available as long as stocks last.
Order an available Panohero model – possibly with a license of PanoramaStudio 3 Pro – with the appropriate order form.
Write into the message field:


followed by a

list of the wanted two free extra item(s)

where the gratuitous items must be taken from Panobaby-H, Rondo-H, Panobaby-Y, and Rondo-Y.
Order that list according to your priorities for the case that a listed item is already sold out.
You can freely mix Panobaby and Rondo for Yi and Hero in your list if you like.
List an item twice or precede it with 2x when you prefer to receive two units of the same item.

You will be offered the two leftmost items on your list which are still available.
We will send you an informal offer by email and ask you to transfer the related amount.
When your payment was received, goods will be sent with a proper invoice for your records.

Happy cyber shopping and have a lot of fun and success with our products!

Your team at Herdima.

Tips zum Betrachten der Panorama-Tour mit einer VR-Brille

So können Sie unsere Panorama-Tour durch das Tessin mit einer Virtual-Reality-Brille betrachten:

  • Benutzen Sie ein Smartphone mit Gyro-Sensoren. Gyro-Sensoren messen Bewegungen des Smartphones und steuern die Blickrichtung im Panorama entsprechend.
  • Rechts unten im Panorama befinden sich einige Symbole. Klicken Sie auf das Brillen-Symbol, um in den VR-Modus zu wechseln. Es erscheint ein neues Bild mit einem gößeren Brillen-Symbol.
  • Klicken Sie auf den Kasten unter dem großen Brillen-Symbol um die von Ihnen verwendete VR-Brille auszuwählen oder klicken Sie auf die Brille um die Tour zu starten. Nach dem Start wird das Bild auf dem Display zweimal nebeneinander angezeigt.
  • Setzen Sie das Smartphone in die VR-Brille ein und setzen Sie die VR-Brille auf.
  • Bringen Sie beim Betrachten des Panoramas den blinkenden Punkt mit dem schwarzen Kreuz zur Deckung, um in das nächste Panorama zu wechseln.

Alle Panoramen dieser Tour wurden mit einer GoPro Hero3+ Black als Kamera und dem Panohero als Panoramakopf aufgenommen.

Wir von Herdima wünschen Ihnen viel Freude beim Eintauchen in unsere kleine Panorama-Tour durch das Tessin!


Tips for Watching the Panorama-Tour with a VR-Headset

You can watch our panorama tour through the Ticino with a virtual-reality-headset:

  • Use a smartphone with gyro sensors. Gyro sensors measure the motion of a smartphone and control the direction of view within the panorama accordingly.
  • In the panorama there are some symbols at the lower right. Click the headset symbol to switch to the VR-mode. A new image with a larger headset symbol appears.
  • Click the box under the large headset symbol to select the used VR-headset or click the headset to start the tour. The panorama image gets duplicated on the display once the tour has been started.
  • Insert the smartpohone into the VR-headset and look into the headset
  • To switch to the next panorama, move the black cross into the blinking point while watching the panorama.

All panoramas of this tour were shot with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black as camera and with our Panohero as panorama head.

We from Herdima wish that you have much pleasure while diving into our little tour through the southernmost part of Switzerland, the beautiful Ticino.